You might wonder why you should hire Liz to help your loved one or your family in a time of transition.  It might seem as though you ought to be able to navigate on your own.  From my experience with Liz, your job will be infinitely easier and more productive having her on your team.  You will probably save yourself money in the long run.  And you will definitely save yourself a lot of stress.

My disabled 70 year old sister recently became hospitalized and then into a nursing home.  Many of the decisions we had to make involved rights we didn't know we had and deadlines we had no idea were looming.  Liz helped us focus on priorities to reach decisions.  She also kept us from making mistakes because she was in a world that was familiar to her while it was one that was completely foreign to us.  Without Liz's help we could have accepted what we were being told to the detriment of our sister.  Sometimes you don't even know what questions to ask.  But if you have a partner to help you figure it all out, together you can advocate for your loved one in a way that will allow her or him to have their best chance.  For us, Liz was and is that partner.  She is a treasure.  The fact that she honestly cares about her clients and their families is what makes her go the extra mile.  She has our eternal gratitude.

 ~Rita K. Thieme, Conway, NH


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