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A New York Times article reports that new doctors spend an average of 8 minutes per patient.  Extended families are a thing of the past and adult children are more likely to live at a distance. Chronic illness, disability and aging stretch the limits of our family and community resources. 

Let me help you navigate the road ahead

When you are trying to decide what the best options are for an elderly relative, a person with disabilities, or for yourself.

When there is a change in circumstances: medical, cognitive, housing, family or financial.

When families live at a distance and have a hard time engaging local services or are uncertain about the future.

When families live close by yet need a strong advocate with whom to partner.

When your loved one has been hospitalized, has had a dramatic change in functioning, or is refusing care. 

When a care crisis triggers old conflicts and disagreements among family members.

When Anxiety, Depression, Dementia or Alzheimer's disease creates barriers to

Charting The Course

We begin with a thorough and objective assessment. After I share my recommendations, we develop a comprehensive plan with both short and long term goals. I will bring an infusion of energy, support and new resources. 

If needed I can monitor, adjust & advocate for our care plan goals - balancing individual needs, values, and preferences with reality.

Start the journey now - the best is yet to come.

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